Sunday, October 12, 2008

She's acclimated

It was 75 degrees in our house when I walked through the family room and saw Lauren wearing her knit cap and snuggled under a Mickey Mouse sleeping bag.

"It's kinda cold, Mom."

Bet she's really gonna like that first chilly day we get in Ohio next year!


Lisa said...

I hear ya!! We had a few "chilly" aka 70 degree mornings here last week. By 9am it was 80 though. Anyway, the girls asked for sweaters cuz they were cold. They are going to be in for a rude awakening when we move to TN and October is not 70 degrees, but 40s. I guess we have been spoiled with all the sunshine.

She is adorable by the way.

Justine said...

Heeheeheeeeeeeeeeee! I laughed the second I saw this picture, because my girls are the same way here. They are such Florida girls! It goes below 70 and they freeze!

Justine :o )