Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yes! We have no bananas

We have no bananas today ... or this week, even. Or limes, for that matter. What's up with that?

I've been to the store a couple of times to buy these two Costa Rican staples and was shocked to find them both out of stock. The banana shelf has apples on it and in the limes' place is some unknown-to-me yellowish fruit that doesn't look like it would be a good substitute for a lime.

Hey, CR without bananas and limes? It's like Florida without oranges, Washington without apples, Wisconsin without dairy. (Holy cow! Imagine that!)

I know there are zillions of bananas just miles away on the east coast, so why aren't they in my Auto Mercado? (For the record, I have a mild allergy to bananas and don't even eat them, but Dan and Lauren think they're terrific. Take a look at the picture and see how cheap they are here: 220 colones for a kilo of bananas. That's about 40 cents for 2.2 pounds of bananas. Or I can buy just one banana for 21 colones which is about 4 cents!)