Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Only 132 shopping days until Christmas

Last September I mentioned how we saw Christmas candy on store shelves—and how this surprised us, seeing as it was only, well, September.

I would be remiss if I neglected to mention that our family went to Pricesmart last Saturday, August 16, and couldn't believe our eyes when we saw prominent displays of holiday decorations. Christmas trees in mid-August (and who knows how long they've been up)! I smiled and rolled my eyes as I passed the trees and continued down an aisle, but Erin followed me laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes, and Dan was amused too. Rumor has it that as they walked by these tall trees adorned with sparkling lights and gaudy ornaments, a young boy happily passed them singing Jingle Bells.

Pass the egg nog!


Lisa said...

Yikes!! Christmas stuff already?!?! I was shocked when we went to Walmart the other day and saw Halloween stuff. I could not imagine seeing Christmas stuff out already!

Shelli said...

Don't remind me--I still have a Christmas Eve script to write...