Monday, September 10, 2007

Chocolate reindeer, anyone?

I saw a giant display of Christmas decorations at a department store on Saturday. I'm talking huge. In early September. Maybe this is what happens when a nation doesn't have Halloween and Thanksgiving to think about.

Thank goodness they weren't playing Christmas music or I might lose my mind by the time December gets here.

As a side note...We've seen—in more than one store—Christmas candy for sale along with the other candy on the shelves. I keep wondering if the plethora of candy canes at PriceSmart is supposed to be for the upcoming holiday (for those who really like to plan ahead) or if it's left over from last Christmas (for people with very nondiscriminating palates).

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Traci said...

So sorry to hear you are being rushed into the Christmas season already. Rachel was dismayed last week or so about the Halloween costumes being out. It was hard to be in the "fall mood" when it was still 90+ degrees ;-)