Tuesday, June 10, 2008

She’ll get you—and your little dog, too!

Who’s lean and mean and green all over? That’s Erin, our resident actress and Country Day’s answer to the Wicked Witch of the West in the elementary school play, The Wizard of Oz.

Erin joined drama club at the start of the year and fell in love with acting. Led by Mr. Large—the best principal ever—the club learned a lot about the theater and being on stage. For months they’ve been rehearsing the Wiz of Oz for their late May performance.

We recently went to the show, just over an hour long, and it was good entertainment. Erin was a very animated witch, and everyone in the auditorium got a kick out of her evil laugh. (Admittedly, she has practiced this at home for years—I always thought it was a bit “mad scientist-like” but it worked great for this role too.)

Our favorite scene is when Dorothy and her friends throw water on the witch and she “melts” into a puddle. I think our drama queen really rose to the occasion: “What a world, what a world!” Enjoy the video of her demise. I think you’ll agree Erin must be one Oz’s tallest witches ever! (By the way, if you listen carefully, you can hear Lauren ask at the very end of the clip—a bit gleefully—“Did she die?!”)

After the play and much well-deserved applause, the kids streamed off the stage for the cast party (aka wild food fest). At one point I saw floppy Scarecrow’s plate held several cookies, a massive brownie, and one lonely cucumber; gotta wonder the fate of that little cuke slice.

¡Pura teatro!


aimee said...

Fabulous... bravo!! She looks so comfortable on stage :)

Dina said...

She was great!!! I loved watching her, she did a wonderful job. Love the "And your little dog, too!" lol :)

Justine (Justwaaaa) said...

Bravo! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful performance, Erin!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like all the kids did a great job, but of course our Erin was a STAR!

And yes, I heard Lauren at the very end. Cute, kid!

Justine :o )

Laurie Starr said...

Oh, she was great! What is it about this age that they catch the drama bug? Helen's squirrel role in Snow White has convinced her to try out for other roles next year. Where can I find the the "Stage Mom" support group?!?!

Congratulations to Erin! Looks like they had a great experience.


Uncle J said...

Awesome job Erin, i understood every word you said. Even though i know you are a princess, you sold me on me believing you were the Wicked Witch.

I love you and will see you soon.

Dazzlemama said...

LOL - Erin makes a great little witch! What a fabulous performance, I see her name in lights :)

Shelli said...

ROFL!!! Oh my gosh, thanks so much for posting the video.
Erin, you are the ultimate Drama Queen and I say that with a great deal of affection and admiration. Fabulous performance, wish I could have seen the whole thing. I'll have to come to your next performance when you move back home.
Incidentally, I still think Lauren would have made the perfect flying monkey...

Lisa said...

That is so cool! Way to go Erin. I hope it is one of many, many plays to come.