Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here comes the rain again

A couple of weeks ago the rains began, and we knew the green season had arrived. Now? It's been raining for days, literally. We've had at least 72 hours of rain—steady rain, not just drizzle—without a breather thanks to a bunch of weather factors (including Tropical Storm Alma) that came together to keep us soaked here in Santa Ana. I haven't seen the mountains for days, and while I know our beautiful valley is surrounded by them, they're hidden by heavy, gray, water-laden clouds.

Dan's coworker is trapped in her home in EscazĂș and sent this photo, showing the water rushing down the gutter and standing on the road.

On the good side, everything is green and growing, and the temperature is in the mid-60s today, which is so comfortable. Last night we all fell asleep early, listening to the rain outside our open windows and resting in the cool air.


Lisa said...

Here I am begging for rain! It sprinkled a bit yesterday, but besides that it has not rained in almost 4 months. I love the wet season here but I am not sure I could handle 72 hours of straight rain.

Laurie Starr said...

We're supposed to get rain here today in the U.S. midwest--big, loud, thunderstorms with hail! Do you get those types of storms or is it simply days of steady rain? I remember living out west where we didn't have thunderstorms and I missed them!

Isn't it amazing how weather affects our moods? Do you feel sad when you can't see the mountains through the clouds?

Dazzlemama said...

You should feel right at home Christine - looks very similar to Seattle... just more green! LOL

Justine (Justwaaaa) said...

Oh, I love the sound of a heavy downpour! My favorite thing is to sit outside when we've got a bad storm going on. But, I wouldn't want my street to look like that! At least you're not trapped, right? And 60 degrees sounds sooooooooo wonderful to me right now. It's about 95 here right now. Blechhhhhh

Justine :o )

CAM said...

Wow, that's alot of rain!! It looks beautiful ehre being in the the high desert though. :) I love the sound of rain, too!!