Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The tooth, the sting, the comida

Lauren had a funny little tooth that had been sticking out for quite a while, and today it finally came loose while she was in school. She pulled it out, wrote a special note to the tooth fairy, and put her tooth under her pillow tonight. The big question is whether the tooth fairy will leave a dollar or colones. I'm not sure how the tooth fairy can carry those heavy Costa Rican coins.

Erin got a nasty wasp sting to the ankle this morning right outside our door. We're hoping the swelling and pain are gone in time for her first after-school basketball practice tomorrow.

I made my first-ever batch of gallo pinto today (the traditional Costa Rican rice and beans). The rice was stickier than I'd hoped for, but we had it at dinner and Dan and Erin declared it was great with their scrambled eggs and sausage. I'm happy enough with it and am going to work on my rice-cooking skills. (In my defense, I used a rice cooker for the first time with no instructions; I've been winging meals for the last couple of weeks using our inadequate on-loan pans and no recipes. Ha!)

Lastly, thanks to all who've asked about Hurricane Felix and our safety. Thankfully the hurricane has passed Costa Rica. We are already receiving record-breaking rains and after hearing what is happening to our neighbor to the north, Nicaragua, I cannot imagine what a mess Felix would have left here in CR.

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Kim Smith -las vegas said...

I am loving reading all of your posts. My name is Kim Smith and recently visitd C. R. and fell in love. I have been looking at schools and homes, land, etc...I think it's great you have written all this and put in online. I am hoping to take my family there, and am just figuring out how to do it.