Thursday, September 06, 2007

The air shipment (yeeeha!!)

Our air shipment has arrived! Wooohoooooooo! It's Christmas at our house! Twenty-four days ago the movers packed up 176 cubic feet of our things to fly to Costa Rica, and today we were all delighted as items were removed from boxes and the moving paper came off each thing.

"Hey, the popcorn machine!"
"Look Mom, it's my bathroom rug with the frog!"
"My keyboard, my monitor, my computer—finally!"

Yep, it's a banner day at our house. I can't imagine how wild we'll get when our actual furniture gets here—and Lauren's beloved yellow duck, which accidentally got put into the sea shipment and which she misses dearly.

The guy in charge of our move here in Costa Rica said the sea shipment may be ready in just a week and a half. I'll take that estimate with a zillion grains of salt, but he did confirm that our sea shipment is in Costa Rica, so at least we know it's not at the bottom of the ocean somewhere, and we hope it won't sit in customs forever and ever. Yippeee!

We celebrated by ordering pizza. My delivery guy was so friendly he introduced himself and shook my hand. Maybe we just look like we'll be regular customers. :)

It's been a good day.

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