Monday, September 17, 2007

The mysterious Garbage Fairy

One of my first questions when we moved into our house concerned garbage pickup. Who collects the garbage and when?

I asked two neighbors of mine this question, and neither was entirely sure. One suggested Tuesday and Friday, another Wednesday and Friday. Maybe, they said.

Twice in one week? I'll figure out the days, I thought. Hey, this is great! And better yet, I don’t have to pay for garbage collection as I did in Ohio.

Since we didn’t have any wastebaskets here before our air shipment arrived, we were putting our trash into plastic grocery bags. These don’t hold much, of course, so we had a few each week. I didn’t want to keep the garbage in the house, so I set the full bags outside the door in the carport, almost daily.

I was a little concerned—wouldn’t they get nasty, sitting out there? Wouldn’t they attract unwanted creatures to my house?

Not to worry, we soon learned! Regardless of what weekday morning I set out my garbage, amazingly enough, the bags disappear by midday. Like magic! So cool! We’ve taken to calling the elusive sanitation fellow the Garbage Fairy.

We now have larger kitchen bags since we packed a 13-gallon wastebasket in the air shipment. And the Garbage Fairy is still showing up each weekday. He was just here this morning, maybe when I was in the shower, I’m not sure. I have yet to see him, but I’d like to thank him for picking up my trash whenever I put it out there.

Garbage Fairy, you rock!


RMosteller said...

I finally remembered my Google password and stuff. I love the blogs and pictures! Looks like you guys are having the time of your lives, literally. I wish I had a garbage fairy... I wonder if he/she wears a tiara made from recycled materials. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

JT here, Wow a garbage fairy is pretty sweet. I've seen our fairy, he drives down the street smoking a stogie, wearing overalls, with his receding mullet flying in the wind.