Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hop on the bus, Gus

Gone (for now!) are the days of the big yellow school bus. The girls ride a much smaller bus to and from school each day.

Gustavo, their friendly bus driver, picks the girls up and drops them right at our house. This is especially nice during rainy afternoons because the girls stay drier, and, just as beneficial for me, I don’t have to drive down narrow mountain roads in downpours. Let's hear it for Bus #5!

There is a young woman who rides the bus with the kids as well, I suppose to help out and keep everybody under control (and keep her eye on the little ones, since students of all ages ride this bus). Though the kids can’t stray far from their seats—they wear seatbelts.

Erin says she usually looks out the window until they pick up her friend Trish. Sometimes she practices her Spanish with the other kids on the bus. Recently she learned how to say Me gusta nadar (I like to swim).

If you look closely you can see Lauren peeking through the doorway in the picture at the top, and Erin is just visible waving goodbye in the picture below (over the T in Transporte).

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