Thursday, September 27, 2007

Curtains and sheers and blinds…oh my!

Words aren't nearly sufficient to express my excitement—today we are getting our much-needed window treatments! After six weeks of living with no curtains (read: not much privacy and plenty of solar heat) in most of the house and heavy paper securely taped to our bedroom windows, we are finally getting shade where we want it and letting the sun shine into our bedrooms when it pleases us.

Why the fuss about the windows? We moved into a new house, and the landlady (who lives in the US) had not yet decided what types of window treatments she wanted. Several times we met with her representative here—a really nice guy who has been patient to deal with all of this—and after a lot of thought (and several changes of mind) our landlady decided what would suit her fancy, and we placed the order with the blind-installing, curtain-making people.

Admittedly we were all getting impatient with the paper in the bedrooms covering our views to the outside, and all four of us had torn slits in the paper to see what we were missing.

Peepholes, no more! We have curtains, sheers, and blinds now—we can open our upstairs windows, we can wander through the house in pajamas whenever we want, and we can watch the sheers in the morning as they flutter gently in the soft, Santa Ana breeze. We can even admire Wendy the Spider from Erin’s window as she deftly repairs her golden web.

Aren’t you glad you navigated here to read about my adventures in window dressings? Stay tuned for what’s sure to be a captivating entry about our mission to have a functioning dishwasher.

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