Tuesday, September 25, 2007

39 days later (but who's counting?)

Not much time to blog today—and excuse what is likely to be a scatterbrained entry due to exhaustion—but we’ve been swamped with a deluge of household goods. Woooohooooo! Our stuff is here! Lauren’s little buddy, Duck, made it safely and brought all of our things with him.

We didn’t tell the girls our sea shipment was coming yesterday, so when they got home and saw the huge truck in front of our house and about 10 guys unpacking stuff with us, they were elated—what an awesome surprise! It was a wonderful moment when Lauren was reunited with her favorite friend Duck, and we were all thrilled to sleep in our own beds.

Dan just got my washer and dryer running, and I’ve got laundry already going. (Lauren’s PE uniform looked as though she did an army crawl under barbed wire through the mud—I swear that girl is like Pigpen from Peanuts).

I spent several hours today organizing my kitchen. I’m not done yet, but I made a lot of progress considering all the other things I got done—haircut for Lauren (picture day is almost here), a trip to El Lagar for a dryer plug, a shopping spree at Auto Mercado (since I can now fit more than a few apples, eggs and a gallon of milk in my fabulously large-seeming refrigerator!), chauffeuring duties, and making two homemade pizzas for dinner (yum!).

Erin’s downstairs helping Dan hook up the TV and related media items. We’re going to ignore the clutter for the rest of the night and just relax together.

I recall a saying we had when Dan was in the Navy: "Home is where your stuff is." Hey—it's good to be home!

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