Monday, December 14, 2009

A little Teletubby shall lead us ...

... to the airport, anyway. Saw this Po doll (I think it's Po. Why do I know this stuff?) hanging from a painted-over stop/alto sign on our way to drop Dan off for a flight. The Teletubbies have made it across the pond to Costa Rica and a few years ago there was a gang in CR called the Teletubbies. (Doesn't sound very menacing, does it?) I don't know if they're still around.

Thank goodness I haven't seen the gang or the TV show here. Some of these kids' programs (Barney comes to mind) are agonizing enough in English. Hearing them in Spanish? Not fun. Except Blues Clues (Pistas de Blue), which I must admit I have watched a couple of times here in espa├▒ol. Steve is especially well-dubbed. Good times!

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Justine said...

Now why would you even be watching Blues Clues? You don't have any littles!

And at least Po was just hanging there and not beheaded or anything. Those Teletubbies are evil little monsters.

Justine :o )