Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lazy day at the lake

Nearly every summer since Lauren was just a few months old, we spend a day at Lake Arbutus with my mom and dad. Twice my grandma has been visiting from Texas and has gone with us. Somewhere at home I have a photo with the four generations: Grandma, Mom, me, Erin, and bitty Lauren in her white bonnet.

This is a favorite family tradition, reaching back to when my parents were teenagers and used to spend the day at Arbutus together. I camped there as a kid and now I love going with my own daughters. The air smells like pine and the amber water is always refreshing. We take floats on the lake, and this year Erin is finally old enough to paddle herself out to the swim buoys, though the girls and I prefer getting rides from Dan in the bigger float (which got a hole in it this year but, thankfully, still holds us).

After time on the beach, we get ice cream cones at the camp store and walk through the woodsy grounds. Often we stop at Black River Falls on the way home to buy fresh corn on the cob for dinner, too. We've got great memories from our trips to Lake Arbutus.


Jill said...

Sounds like a whole lot of fun especially the ice cream part!

Justine said...

Ah, that looks like fun! Is the water warm, or cold?

Justine :o )

Four in Costa Rica said...

Oooh Justine, I think it's all relative. It might feelcold to you coming from Florida or to friends in CR, but it's just pleasant and refreshing for us here.