Saturday, April 04, 2009

Divinely inspired shopping?

Just about every time I leave the house I see something interesting or that a typical American would find unusual, funny, or even flabbergasting. Most commonly these events involve lunatic drivers, pedestrians, bikers, or guys urinating on the side of the road (you wouldn't believe how often we see this). Today, there were some interesting characters out and about, but one rather ordinary-seeming fellow sticks out in my mind.

As Erin and I were preparing to walk out of the grocery store, this man on the other side of the sliding glass doors stopped, crossed himself with his eyes closed, and then somewhat reluctantly entered the store. And I wondered—what was that about, anyway? Was he nervous? First-time shopper? Looking for a little guidance to find the Sardimar gourmet tuna filets in olive oil (because I could have told him they were nowhere to be found—I tried!)? Going in for a job interview? I don't know, but he seemed to be seeking some comfort from God for this particular trip into the supermarket. Hope it all went well, muchacho!


Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

Okay, now that's just plain weird!

Justine :o )

Kelly said...

Maybe the last time he was in the store, he made the tragic mistake of pulling the apple from the bottom of the apple pyramid. Thereby, causing a structural collapse of the apples that engulfed him, and he was stuck there, under the large pile of red apples until someone had enough determination to dig him out! Now, he has an irrational fear of the produce department which plagues his entry into the very store that tried to kill him.

Kelly said...

yes, these are the strange things that run through my mind....and now, everytime I go by those dang apples, I am going to think of that poor man. :-)