Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today bugged me

This morning I squashed a spider in the family room.

Around lunchtime I had to kill a scorpion in my screened-in patio. I hate scorpions, and this is the sixth one we've had in the house.

At dinner a moth started flying around over the table. I went to shut the door that was propped open for air (the kitchen gets steamy on pizza Tuesday when the oven is at 450 degrees) and found ...

a frog sitting in my shoe (being used to prop the door open). It leapt out and onto the vacuum cleaner. You who know the story of me getting the frog out of the Christmas tree when we lived in Florida will be happy to know that Dan took care of the frog this time (I insisted!).

Just now, when I was turning off the lights to go to bed, there was a beetle by the refrigerator.

I'm hoping I've seen the last of little creatures in my house for a while. Some days are just buggier than others around here!


Lisa said...

UGH. I hate bugs. We have the Orkin man come every month to keep the creepy crawlies at bay, but did you know that stuff does not work for spiders??? So despite how good he sprays the spiders will make their way in. I hate spiders.

Shelli said...

Survivor Costa Rica!

Amanda said...

Hi! Just swung by via Manic to say I know it was a sweeping generalisation to say America is pro-guns but from what I see for the most part it is.

SO glad I live here and not there, I don't do bugs. I think of Costa Rica and think heat, jungle and bugs

Justine said...

Ick. As much as I love the frog critters and such, I HATE almost all bugs. You probably have some pretty poisonous scorpions there too, eh? Scary!

I've missed so much of your blog in the last month or so. Gonna take a while to catch up. Shame on me!

Justine :o )