Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where no badger has gone before …

Costa Rica holds a lot of surprises for our family, but today's was truly unexpected. I went to look out the window after hearing a massive boom of thunder and saw a big, white truck with the Badger Popcorn logo on the side. I started yelling for Dan to run to the window, and soon we were all hooting and hollering as the Bucky truck drove by. It was bizarre seeing the World's Best Badger so out of context!

Bucky in Costa Rica! Yeeehaa! (If only he'd brought us some cheese!)


Justine said...

I've never heard of Badger Popcorn. Wonder what he was doing in your neighborhood?

Justine :o )

Four in Costa Rica said...

OK, I think I need to leave a little explanation for those (unfortunate souls!) not familiar with Bucky Badger. It's not the popcorn we care about, it's the logo: Bucky Badger is the mascot for the University of Wisconsin, where Dan and I graduated from college. Of course the school's Bucky is one bad badger, much tougher and more intimidating than the popcorn Bucky!

As far as the truck being here, who knows. Once in a while we see buses here from Bucks County (PA, I assume) or trucks from American companies that were decommissioned, so to speak, and sold. Usually part of the company/brand name is painted over. In this case, the "& Concession Supply Co." was whited-out.

Anyway, that's the story behind the badger. On Wisconsin!

Shelli said...

Cheese Curds Awhey!
hee hee

Laurie Starr said...

If you ever see Sparty Popcorn you'll know this is all a Big Ten conspiracy!