Friday, June 20, 2008

P is for chicken

Yesterday was a good day and a busy day: laundry, gym, going to the pool which doubled as a study session (my neighbor is learning Spanish and had a big test yesterday so I quizzed her), lunch at our friends' house, etc.

Lauren and I got home at 2:00, and around 3:00—sometime between washing beach towels and checking email—I realized I hadn't put the chicken for dinner in the oven to roast. I ran to the kitchen, pulled the chicken from the fridge, and turned on the oven.

Not sure exactly how much time I needed to roast a 2 kilo chicken (hey, at least I didn't have to look up the conversion to pounds—just over 4, by the way—so hurray for me!), I whipped out my old Betty Crocker cookbook and quickly flipped to the index. To the P section. You know, where words start with the letter P.

I was in a hurry. I was scanning at top speed. P, p, p ... c'mon, where are the entries for chicken?! I wasn't looking up poultry here, I was looking for chicken. Chicken!

Because chicken starts with a P, you know. As in pollo. As in Spanish for chicken.

Some days, the languages just get all mixed up in my brain and I’ve gotta laugh.

¡Pura pollo!


Justine (Justwaaaa) said...

You doofus! LOL! I would never survive having to do conversions. I'm just too dumb for all that!

Justine:o )

morninglight mama said...

Thanks for checking out my little space on the web! I'm quite intrigued by your blog- I'm curious about the background to the move to Costa Rica (and where you originally hail from). I guess I'll have to look back into some of your archives! I have a good friend here in MD who has taken many groups of her college students on trips to Costa Rica for education and work experience- the photos she has shared have never ceased to amaze me. (And she has been able to bring her husband and three kids along, so I've found myself being very jealous of 5 year olds...)

Looking forward to reading more!

Shelli said...

Remember from Sesame Street--C is for cookie, etc...
Hey "P" IS for chicken; it's all in how you look at it. Here's to scrambled brains!

Four in Costa Rica said...

A few notes:

Shelli, I had the "C is for cookie" song as soon as I wrote the title for this entry. It was my inspiration! No surprise that we both had that thought, right?

Dawn, thanks for your comment; it was nice of you to stop by. :) I'm not sure the archives will explain the history behind our move, so in a wee nutshell, here goes: My husband and I are originally from Wisconsin. We spent several years moving around with the Navy (see the "Tag" post from June 12 for a list of other places we've lived).

Eventually my husband took a civilian job and we lived in Cincinnati for nine years. Now we are in Costa Rica for two years as expats, also for my husband's job.

We are scheduled to move back to the US next June, so we're making the most of it here. As you said, it is an amazing place! :)


Dazzlemama said...

So... how was the chicken? :)