Monday, February 11, 2008

The big bucket in the sky

Not long ago, Lauren went to a friend's house after school to play. Shortly before dinner, I drove (with Erin in tow) to the friend's house (through harrowing rush hour traffic, I might add!) to retrieve the little one. I had met the father of Lauren's friend, who works for the US embassy, but never the mom, so we sat down for a few minutes and enjoyed chatting while the kids finished making their sock puppets.

As we were talking, I learned that the father, John, is from Lexington, Kentucky. About 15 minutes later, I finally mustered up the nerve to ask about the large portrait hanging on the far side of the family room and dining room. "Uh, is that really a painting of Colonel Sanders?"

Yep, it is. Colonel Sanders was John's great-great grandfather. Later, within five minutes of leaving our friends' place, we drove past a KFC. Erin wondered, "Do you think they get a discount?"

I should have asked if he has the secret family recipe with eleven herbs and spices!


JujuBoo said...

Thanks, now I have a craving some extra crispy drumsticks and a huge helping of mashed potatoes with gravy!

Shelli said...

I'm observing a respectful moment of silence.

the Four of Us said...

Me too, Juju!