Sunday, January 06, 2008

Everyone knows it’s windy

Give a cheer! The rainy season has ended, and Costa Rica summer (the long-awaited dry season) has officially begun. The onset of more consistently beautiful blue and sun-filled skies also ushers in the windy season—aptly named, because we're experiencing some fierce currents in the valley.

So what’s happening here? The air blowing westward by trade winds loses its moisture as it crosses the mountains, bringing gusts that blow into the valley and dry everything out. We’ve been told that these winds are especially strong in December and January, and sure enough we’ve seen 30mph-plus gales daily since our return to Santa Ana.

Homes here are not built for wintery weather, so we don’t have insulation and storm windows to help shield us during the blustery days. If we keep the windows open, dust settles quickly in the house and things get blown around (yesterday one of our large paintings was tilted precariously on the wall after a particularly strong wind). Yet if we choose to keep the windows closed, we endure lusty whistling and wailing as air blasts through every crack in the house. It’s like living in a haunted house replete with ghostly howling and creaking doors.

Good thing it’s not raining—I’d be scared to open an umbrella out there. Mary Poppins would take off like an F-14!

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